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Jim Crow Law Regarding The Blind

“The board of trustees shall…maintain a separate building…on separate ground for the admission, care, instruction, and support of all blind persons of the colored or black race.” —  Louisiana

Jim Crow

State of Lousiana

James Baldwin’s one minute summation on the state of race relations in 1968.

Pre-Civil War Speech: October 21,1856

“It is not alone a fight between the North and the South; it is a fight between freedom and slavery; between God and the devil; between heaven and hell.”

George Washington Julian

Founder, Free Soil Party

Sense Is Not Common

Let’s be honest. We don’t always understand why a significant number of people of one race believe one thing; while members of another race seem to believe something entirely different when evaluating the same information. This difference of perspective is contrary to what society has come to call “common sense”.

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